XChat physical notify

As I said before, I wanted to hook up my Arduino to work with XChat. I wrote a plug-in to raise a flag attached to my computer monitor when my nick is mentioned in the channel.

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XChat away plugin

My computer pretty much stays connected to an IRC server. If I’m not in  one of my favorite forums channels, I’m into something else.

If you do frequent IRC, you will want to register your nick with the nickserv so no one else steals your name. This is a great feature, but if your like me and registered two nick’s, you’ll have to identify with both every time. You might be wondering, “Two nicks? Why?” Well, I use one nick for my presence “techb” and “techb_away” when I’m not active. This may spark a new question, why not use the /away and /back commands? Well, I’m lazy, and for people who use a cli client like Irssi or rolled their own just cause, setting your nick to away might not show them your away. So, I use two nick’s to distinguish when I’m there and not.

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Hello Recursion!

Since I haven’t posted since last year :/ I figured why not show some recursion?

I know a lot of people try out something like a Fibonacci Sequence to help grasp the paradigm of recursion. I am going to do something a bit simpler. We will adapt the “Hello, World!” into a recursive function. We will play a bit with stdout in python as well.

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Hide your ASSets the Python way

Some of you may have seen the “trick” of using the command prompt to hide archives in images. Example: “C:>copy /b image1.jpg + stuff.zip newimage.jpg” This will hide stuff.zip in the picture image.jpg and output the merged file as newimage.jpg

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Brute Forcing And Word List Attack Vector

So in my last post I mentioned brute forcing. I was going to add a password brute force function to try and get into a access point. Well, android doesn’t support the iwconfig command even rooted, so that would be have to be done in java (C++ if using the NDK). Even though I do develop Android apps, my focus here on my blog is in python.

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Android ASE: WiFi Scan with UI

Playing more with the Android Scripting Environment, I wrote a simple script to display any access points in wifi range. Once you select an SSID, it will display some basic info on that AP, such as the MAC address and encryption type. If you have a rooted phone, you could theoretically brute force an APs password using *nix iwconfig commands. The next post I will show some quick and dirty code to brute force passwords. But for now here is the script for some UI WiFi scanning.

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