About K.B. Carte

Programming, hacking, hardware, etc.. is a hobby.

Github: https://github.com/nulldigit90

YouTube: https://youtube.com/kbcarte420

Email: contact@kbcarte.com


16 Responses to About K.B. Carte

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hello Darlin’… I thought I would drop in to say hey. I like the page set up, and as much as I resent most of the things you put on it (for how much time you have spent on them), I’m still proud of you. You found something you love, and if I have to share you with anything…at least it is with something that you are passionate about. I love you honey!!!

  2. rievay says:

    friend..I’m from Indonesia,I admire you,I wanted to ask you,whether to become a hacker,we need a tool a tool like this in your blog,please his pal guidance

    tnk my friend or my master email nuklirnyasar@yahoo.com

  3. paul says:

    Hey I found your work through hackaday and I wanted to invite you to HackHut.com. We are a new hosting service much like wordpress.com except geared toward hackers. check it out and please let me know what your thoughts are. my email is staff@hackhut.com

  4. Emma Nichols says:


    would you be interested in working as part of a collaboration with me on a project?
    I am creating an installation based on the sense of smell for an exhibition called gdnm open and I am hoping to use hacks of glade systems to do it?
    look forward to hearing from you

  5. Dominic says:

    I ❤ your page

  6. axlaonos says:

    Hey, Anti’s out on pre-release, and let me just say it’s pretty gh3y. It’s server hosted attacks are built solely on metasploit, in addition to that he offers MITM, and Nmap scanning all packed into a cushy GUI, there is no method being WEP cracking that he uses, he does offer Brute forcing for Router pass, here’s the kicker though it’s a credit based app, purchase credits to use attacks. Wow well he is from israel.

  7. evo says:

    Nice articles… But I wish you had better banner pic, Tech 🙂

    • Tech B. says:

      Make me one? I am no graphic artist. I can whip something epic up with pencil or pen on actual paper, but when it comes to something like this I am less than meh.

  8. B.S says:

    Hello my Name is Sandy i’m sorry to bother You, i know you are the owner of this blog which is awesome because i love hackers and always wanted to be one, but i never had time … as in now i am a very successful Internet Marketer looking for a good programmer and coders with amazing skills for a few bots and projects i have in mind which will help me to run my campaigns and all that, currently i need a FB Bot Scraper and other bots like CL bot, twitter bot and ebay bot, ect.
    I was hoping you could help me finding one or maybe just hire you, will of course pay upfront and if you are too busy with life or something which is totally fine, can you at least point me to the right direction to find what i’m looking for or maybe give me some emails from people you know or skype id’s, think about it please i will appreciate it so much! Thank You! Hun have a wonderful day!

    SkypeID: BradyCorp. ~ include . at the end of my ID name.
    e-mail: Fracorp.org@gmail.com

  9. peter digovich says:

    stumbled on this thru twisted on android
    your spycam seems to do pretty much what webrtc with chrome on android can do
    am based in CA,can we skype chat next day or two to explore potential fot for a project I have going?

  10. zach says:

    I am new to the this community but find it all very interesting and would love to learn… I am trying to contact techb.. he has some info on hawkes leaerning sytem that I need for a class of mine. so if he or someone that knows him sees this please email me. thanks

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