Android Twisted SpyCam

I have been playing around with Androids ASE(android scripting environment). ASE allows you to run scripts on your android powered device. You can use Python, PHP, Javascript, Pearl, Ruby and much more. To install ASE on your device you must either have root, allow third party apps install,, or know how to sideload apk’s using android’s SDK tools like adb.

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More Fun With MindFlex

Last Fire Bender

After my last article, I was thinking it wasn’t impressive enough. Sure, lighting a match that is on the computer screen is cool and all, but what if it where a real flame.

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Fun With MindFlex

For this valentines day, my wife got me a MindFlex from Mattel. I have been wanting one of these since they have been on the market. It is a really interesting game where you control a foam ball with your mind. The ball will rise with the more focused you are. Letting your mind wonder and as Morphius likes to say “free your mind”, the ball will lower.

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New Years Ball Drop Replica

I was asked to build a replica ball drop for a friend. I had 3 days to get this thing working. It was a fun build, and took a lot of headaches to get it setup. In the end it worked out great.

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Android on IRC

I recently gave a lecture on DDoS in my Network OS class. I demonstrated a simple bot on the computers in the class. I also demonstrated how portable devices are capable of running bots as well.

I used Android Scripting Environment (ASE) for the demo. The commands I gave it where text, call, speak aloud, and vibrate. The only draw back ASE has is no real GUI support. I can’t wait for the day when OpenGL ES is ported to python. Anyway, ASE allows access to almost all of the phones featurtes. Here is a link to the API ref:

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Plasma Caster [UPDATE Sept. 24, 2010]

I finaly started working on a moc Plasma Caster like the one attached to the Predators shoulder.

Here are some pictures of the first setup. I plan to make changes.The range finder you see will judge the distance from my face, if I turn my head and it goes too far away, the servo will move in the direction I moved my head to get back in its original position; hence, it will follow my head looking where I look. Tilted head position will be judged from an accelerometer and mapped to the servos as well.

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Predator Vision (work in progress)

I thought it would be a good time to share what I am currently working on. A friend from work and I are building costumes. Not necessarily for Halloween, but because I’ve always wanted a predator outfit. Sure you can buy them online, but not with the features I’m adding. I am going to mount a webcam on the mask and put some video glasses in it as well. Something like these:

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